Safety & Technology

Using the latest advancements in modern aquaculture technology, Salish Fish will be guided by facts, science, and new technology in developing and managing an environmentally safe and sustainable fish farm.  

Our state-of-the-art facility and monitoring system will include sophisticated sensors, high-resolution underwater cameras, and computer-controlled fish feeding systems which measure exact feeding requirements within 1% accuracy. This technology allows for comprehensive environmental monitoring of water quality parameters such as oxygen levels, temperature, sedimentation, tidal currents, plankton levels and, weather conditions. 

Electronic fish counters guide counting and monitoring of fish placed in the facility. In addition to using underwater cameras and sensors to avoid overfeeding, the environment under and around the farms are regularly monitored. We use feed tailored to suit the dietary needs of steelhead at each life stage and improve feed digestibility – both of which significantly reduce waste. Once fish are harvested from the farm, the farm is fallowed, or left without fish, as part of regular crop rotation.

An autonomous net cleaning system provides for the continual water flow through the netting resulting in maximum water exchange for the fish and eliminating any biofouling accumulation on the nets.

Comprehensive net monitoring includes video-recorded inspections of walls and floors of each marine cage performed monthly by underwater divers or remotely operated underwater vehicle (ROV). These regular reports are provided to the Washington Department of Natural Resources, using a scoring system to allow for timely recognition of changing conditions.